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For perfect Engineered Wood Floors, there are perfect Skirting and Profiles. Designed and made to suit your luxurious interiors.

KROYA skirting and wood profiles use 100% of real hardwood.
The wood profiles gone through a strict quality check,
grading process and coating process to achieve the right quality, elegance and appearance.

KROYA use natural wood because nothing can match the appearance and the beauty of NATURE.
Using natural wood is very high durable and long lasting material.
Morever, it can be reused and reused again which is normally 100% recyclable material. 


KROYA Floors Engineered Wood Floor Skirting


Merbau, Teak, Sonokeling,
Albizia, Mahogany, Linggua,
Gmelina, Simpur 


1. Toros Skirting

Toros Skirting is skirting that has different profile on the wood strips
to elevate the elegance and classic appearance of installed area.

Toros Skirting Engineered wood flooring

2. Common Skirting

Simple Skirting where both side of the skirting can be used
for the installation. This common profile suits almost all conditions
and applications.

KROYA Floors Common Skirting

3. T-Mould Profile

T-Mould Profile is used to connect between tile or carpet surface and wood floor.
It is also used to split large flooring area with expansion gap.

KROYA Floors T-Mould Profile

4. End Profile

End Profile is used when wood floors end right to an open space
or areas without wall.

KROYA Floors End Profile

5. Quadrant or Covings

Quadrant of Covings are an internal quarter corner mould that fits snugly 
into an interior corner to mask or cover irregular gaps.

KROYA Floors Quadrant or Covings

6. Scotia

Scotia is an internal curved corner mould that fits snugly
into an interior corner to mask or cover irregular gaps.

KROYA Floors Scotia

7. Reducer Wood to Carpet

This wood profile is used to connect wood flooring to carpets
or to a lower level floor 

KROYA Floors Reducer Wood to Carpet

8. Staircase Nose

This profile is used for installation on staircase.

KROYA Floors Staircase Nose

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