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KROYA Floors fresh new shades for Google Asia Pacific Headquarter

Ever wondered how it feels to be inside one of the coolest office in the world ?
We will tell you all about that.

Google Singapore previously approached and chose KROYA Floors' wood flooring
to be in their new ultra amazing space in Mapletree Business City II,
and it was quite a big ( and fun ! ) project. 

 Google's Asia-Pacific headquarters spans the entirety of blocks 60 to 70,
from the third to eighth floors, and now employs approximately 1.000 people.
The office was designed to be the home for creativity and ideas, it's fully decorated with
bright fresh colours and wood elements in colourful tones !
It was said that the new HQ is very much patterned after the colours of a rainforest,
with liberal doses of greens which are shown strongly on the office's wood floor.
It's a deliberate callback to the Asia-Pacific HQ's location in the tropics.

 It was truly a fun process working with Google's design team.
For their rainforest mood, they personally requested special wood floor staining in attractive shades on green.
As the result, fresh new colours of Gmelina was created, they are :
Gmelina stained Green Tea, Gmelina Stained Green Emerald, Gmelina Stained Green Grass.
The fresh new colours were paired with Gmelina Natural Herringbone and Linggua Yellow Herringbone in
random patterns, creating gorgeous one-of-a-kind floor design !


Slide through the pictures to see KROYA Floors' new wood flooring at Google HQ's amazing space.

Photo Credits © Alvin Soon
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